Visiting the Restaurant

Every aspect of the Restaurant & Cocktail Bar will be bookable as normal via our web site at Please note that from our re-opening on 23rd July, bookings can be made between 5.00pm – 22.00 on Thursday, and 5.00pm – 23.00 on Friday & Saturday.

Restaurant layout

The general layout has remained the same but some tables will be reconfigured to seat fewer customers in line with government advised social distancing rules.

Social distancing

A full refurbishment of the restaurant has been undertaken during the restaurant closure. With social distancing rules in mind, a mixture of the old and new has been combined to ensure you and your guests are socially distanced from those around you.

Wine service

The way we serve wine will change slightly, with wine bottles being left with you on your table, along with water, with an encouragement that you should pour yourself; this removes a layer of “handling” which is desirable. However, if requested the waiter will pour the wine.

Our menu

We have been hard at work revising our Menu, which will list all of our signature dishes, as well as a fresh selection of seasonal dishes. The menu may be slightly smaller (for now) than what you have been used to, principally as we are required to have a much smaller kitchen team on each shift. Elements of the same menu will be available in the Cocktail Bar.

Contactless menus for the restaurant, sushi bar & cocktail bar are available by scanning QR codes.

Shift patterns

We have altered the shift patterns for our staff to ensure they can safely travel to and from work outside of the peak hours. These practices will be extended throughout all teams to further ensure the safety of our customers.

Continuous hand washing

Further training and regulations have been carried out and put in place to ensure all Members of staff continue to wash their hands thoroughly, and at regular times throughout the day.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All the necessary equipment is available for our staff.

Hand sanitisers

Customers will be asked to santise their hands upon arrival. We also encourage you to use the additional hand sanitisers throughout the restaurant during your visit.


The Restaurant has been given a deep clean for reopening and we will be re-implementing a half hourly cleaning regime, with focus on the high-touch surfaces.

If you feel unwell

Please do not visit the Restaurant or Cocktail Bar should you feel under the weather, however mild.

Wellness checks

Our members of staff will have their temperatures checked upon starting their shift. Further training of the team will be carried out to ensure all can identify the symptoms of Covid-19, for both themselves and their colleagues. If a team member experiences any symptoms, rest assured they will be asked to leave the premises and remain at home until it is safe to return.

And for the first time in our history, all tables in the Restaurant, Sushi Bar & Cocktail Bar will be bookable. With social distancing restrictions in place there will be slightly fewer seats than normal, which is why we have made every table inside bookable – so if you’re coming, just call us, let us know, and we’ll save you a seat.